October 14, 2018

There's not been a lot of news to report over the last year as the band had a quieter year than others recently. Singer David Gil Vallejo who joined in January has settled in nicely and done a great job. Drummer Charlie is still unfit for band duties and so Bastion from The Cops and Monkey Tennis stepped in to help. He is a great guy with whom we had a lot of laughs and we thank him for helping us out.

For the next few gigs at least, drummer Nestor Gomez makes a return to the band. He seemed quite excited. "I'm quite excited to be playing in the band again" Nestor confirmed. He knows most of the bands tunes including the more complicated tunes and so its great to have him back in the fold.


October 23, 2017

Times are a-changing once again but we are looking forward to the next gig on November 11 for the Devils Choice MC in San Pedro once again.. they seem to really like the bands style of Classic Rock having booked the band several times and for that gig we are bringing in Luka Ravaise, Rob´s mate who is the vocalist with DEEPER PURPLE. He is flying in from the UK especially for the event.


May 12, 2017

This weekend sees the band playing for San Pedro based Devils Choice MC once again, at their spring bash at a secret location near San Roque. We always have fun playing for these guys and look forward to seeing them tomorrow!

A new date just in is for next weekend May 20. A return to Ringo´s in Manilva which is a great venue we also love to play. Lovely crowd, great hospitality and loud rock... Cant be bad!


December 7, 2016

Rob, Remy, Risto and Charlie would like to wish friends, family and fans of the band a very happy Christmas and a prosperous new year!

We have had some great fun over the last year with plenty of fabulous gigs... We look forward to playing more dates through 2017 and seeing you then.


August 20, 2016

Next Saturday August 27 the band play Willy´s Arse Out Festival near Coin, a charitable event which this year is raising funds so that disadvantaged children can have a great day out. Rob has played this event several times in a solo capacity but this is the first time the band is playing it.

"Its one of my highlights of the year" said Rob, who rarely remembers leaving the bash each year! "Its just one of those special events I really enjoy doing. Everyone there has a great time and all the bands involved play for nothing."

Willy is a great host and once visitors have paid €18 entrance, you can eat and drink as much as you like! Its doesnt get much better than that!

It will certainly be big fun at the Arse Out!


May 3, 2016

This line-up of the band has proved itself to be the best ever and guitarist Rob goes as far as saying that it's the way the band should have been from the very beginning.

"Yes, I'm very happy with it indeed" confirmed Rob. "Its been a long time coming. From the very first gig back in October, this line-up has been powerful, fresh and not afraid to take musical chances. Its great fun. Remy, Charlie and Risto are great guys and excellent musicians. I couldn't be happier, musically speaking."

The band have been playing regularly over the last few months and just last weekend played a storming set at the Fuengirola International Feria in the British Caseta which has earned them a rebook for next year. "We tore them a new arsehole" quipped drummer Charlie after the gig!


February 1, 2016

The year has got off to a brisk start with a batch of gigs being played in January and February, most notably at the excellent Rock venue Louie Louie in Estepona Port and The Roadhouse Sports & Music Bar, also in Estepona. Both venues seem to love our brand of Classic Rock.

Charlie and Risto, on drums and bass respectively, together make up the best rhythm section this band has ever had, sounding powerful, tight and rather big!

The band played a gig for The Bone Brothers bike club during January and brought in the excellent Henrik Larson on keyboards for the event. Henrik normally plays for Stereo 80 but he was on loan for the night and was a marvellous addition. We look forward to him joining us again in the future. Also with us was friend and guest singer Ian Grant who together with Remy, took good care of fronting the band.

We are in discussion with various venues and  promoters who would like to book the band for events this year and so we look forward to sharing details of these if/as/and when they happen.